Past Events

Beth Winterburn

A story of interpersonal dynamics in color, shape, line and texture. A record of memories as well as a journal of future aspirations from Tennessee abstract painter Beth Winterburn.

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Ed Chenette

Featuring bold and bright oil paintings on canvas - and even sawblades - Chenette's Supper is an exploration of feeding, being fed, and the things that sustain us.

Bad Advice
for Travelers
Ross Devlin & Kaleob Elkins

An immersive experience featuring poetry and art from the minds of Ross Devlin and Kaleob Elkins, in support of the pair's forthcoming book Bad Advice for Travelers.


Photo by Buck Billings

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This Is Not My Beautiful House
Will Ferguson

Vibrant and textural paintings by Will Ferguson, inspired by the distinctive architecture of sister cities Memphis and New Orleans.

Brian "Skinny" McCabe

A multimedia romp from the mind of Hi-Tone owner Brian "Skinny" McCabe.